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Progressive aesthetic solutions

Personalized, safe and effective treatments for all skin and body types

At Lutronic, innovation is the heartbeat of what we do. Our team of world-renowned engineers and scientists is committed to discovering breathtaking solutions to problems, ensuring that users of our devices receive the best tools.

  • Acne

    Non-prescription, gentle, safe and effective treatments for mild to severe acne.

  • Cellulite removal

    A non-surgical solution to remove stubborn cellulite and other unwanted fat deposits.

  • Hair removal

    A non-invasive, quick and easy solution for permanent hair removal without interruption.

  • Pigmentation

    Even out the skin coloration of unwanted age spots, freckles and other pigmented lesions.

  • Skin renewal

    Revitalize skin, reduce unwanted signs of aging and achieve a more youthful glow.

  • Skin renewal

    Smooth out fine lines, scars and blemishes. Stimulates collagen production and tightens the skin.

  • Tattoo removal

    Remove, fade or change your unwanted tattoos with fewer procedures and less discomfort.

  • Damage to blood vessels

    Reduce unwanted moles, rosacea, spider veins and varicose veins with a few simple treatments.

Questions about Lutronic?

What are the main technologies used in Alma Lasers products?

Alma Lasers specializes in laser, light-based, radio frequency, plasma and ultrasound technologies. These technologies are used to ensure safe and effective procedures in aesthetic and surgical medicine.

How does Alma Lasers ensure the safety and effectiveness of its products?

Alma Lasers products are developed based on the latest clinical studies and technologies that ensure their safety and effectiveness. The company works with medical professionals to ensure that the products meet the highest standards. More detailed information can be found here .

What are the main treatments offered by Alma Lasers?

Alma Lasers offers a wide range of treatments including skin resurfacing, hair removal, body contouring and firming, as well as treatments for specific health concerns such as acne and scarring. More information on specific procedures can be found here .

What is Alma Lasers' approach to innovation and technological development?

Alma Lasers is committed to innovation and technological development, using research and development as the core of its operations. With 16% of employees who are R&D specialists and 25% with the highest academic qualifications, Alma Lasers is focused on developing innovative products that are the gold standard in markets around the world.

Why Choose Lutronic?

Our continuous innovation and forward-looking approach enables us to offer a sophisticated range of laser and RF technologies, as well as technical and clinical support. We help providers maximize growth and capitalize on new opportunities while providing patients with the latest generation of procedures and services.



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