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  • šķērseniskā plakanā pēda

    transverse flat foot

    In this series, we talk about transverse flat feet with traumatologist, orthopedist Dr. Yuri Yukon. Most foot deformities are directly related to transverse flatfoot, the main feature of which is...

  • UREA | sausas ādas kopšana

    UREA | dry skin care

    Urea is a natural component of human skin that provides skin hydration and forms the natural skin moisture factor. Urea is used in cosmetics for especially dry skin with thickenings,...

  • Mikrosudrabs | Nieze, kairinājums | Antibakteriāla iedarbība

    Microsilver | Itching, irritation | Antibacterial effect

    Microsilver, or colloidal silver and its particles are added to cosmetics because of their disinfecting and antibacterial effects. Cosmetics containing microsilver regulate the release of skin fat, maintain the balance...

  • sausas un jutīgas pēdu ādas kopšana

    care of dry and sensitive foot skin

    The range of peclavus products includes a specially developed line for the needs of diabetic foot care, podiatrist M.Saulīte emphasizes that these creams are not intended only for diabetic patients....

  • Hallux Valgus | Īkšķa kaula deformācija

    Hallux Valgus | Thumb bone deformity

    In this series, we talked with traumatologist, orthopedist Dr. Juri Yukoni about the popular problem among women - hallux valgus, deformation of the thumb bone. dr. Yukonis tells you when...

  • pastiprināti svīstošas pēdas

    increased sweating feet

    A very typical summer problem is sweaty feet. There are people who have hyperhidrosis as a diagnosis and it occurs both in winter and summer, but there are people whose...

  • nogurušas un "smagas" kājas

    tired and "heavy" legs

    Both during vacations, traveling, and spending long hours sitting, especially in the summer, we feel the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in our legs. To avoid this unpleasant feeling, use...

  • Kā izvairīties no tulznu veidošanās?

    How to avoid blisters?

    In summer, more often than in other seasons, we tend to go for long walks, hikes and do other sports, where blisters tend to appear on our feet as a...

  • dziļo plaisu apstrāde

    treatment of deep cracks

    RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: pencil for cracked skin // PODOcare Schrunden Stick ointment for cracked skin // PODOcare Schrundensalbe RUCK // occlusive patch (10 pcs.)

  • okluzīvais plāksteris |  soli pa solim

    occlusive patch | step by step

    Step by step  1. With a spatula, generously apply ointment for cracked skin on the heels  peclavus® PODOcare ointment for cracked skin is an ideal remedy with a rejuvenating effect...

  • sausa pēdu āda

    dry skin of the feet

    Recommended products: cream for dry, cracked feet skin // PODOcare Fußcreme fettend sheep fat cream for dry skin // PODOcare Fußcreme Wollfett

  • pēdu ādas sacietējumi

    induration of the skin of the feet

    Recommended products: balm for foot skin hardening // PODOMed Anti-Hornhaut Balsam Moisturizing cream for dry foot skin with 10% urea | PODOdiabetic Fußcreme Urea