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Redcord Trainer // training and rehabilitation equipment

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Tev ir jautājums par produktu? Mēs palidzēsim atrast atbildi! Uzdod jautājumu redcord pārstāvjiem!

The Redcord Trainer is a multifunctional training and rehabilitation device that provides ample opportunities for various types of exercises for the whole body, promoting its functional strength, muscle endurance, balance, coordination and stability of the deeper muscles.

The Redcord Trainer is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, preferences, goals or skills. Thanks to its unique technology, it is easily adjustable to the required level of resistance for the successful execution of exercises.

Exercising with the Redcord Trainer works several muscle groups at the same time, thus training is more effective and saves time. Exercise is suitable and useful for anyone who wants to improve body functions. This equipment is used by therapists, sports trainers and athletes all over the world for rehabilitation purposes, functional activities, injury prevention, improving body movement and function.

This machine is part of the Redcord Workstation Professional equipment and its use is the basis for all Redcord exercises. Easy and quick height adjustment of the device is a prerequisite for its wide professional use in therapy and training.

The Redcord Trainer is specially designed to handle the high volume of clients and the daily workload.

  • Train your entire body with one piece of equipment.
  • Its unique mechanism allows you to easily adjust the height of the slings with your own body weight. By changing the height, lever arm or your position under the Redcord Trainer, you can adjust the exercises to suit your fitness level, needs and preferences.
  • High durability. Easy to replace links when worn.

The Redcord Trainer sling equipment includes:

1 x Redcord Trainer with links
1 x Redcord ceiling system, Trainer, pair

1 x Redcord Mini/Trainer instruction manual
1 x Redcord Exercise Poster
1 x Redcord DVD, introductory instruction for Redcord exercises Other additional Redcord ropes can be attached to the device with carabiners.

Maximum load: 200 kg
Weight: 3.8 kg
The ideal construction height is 240 cm.

Designs for higher and lower ceilings are available.


Redcord AS, assuming full responsibility, certifies that our products comply with Regulation No. 12 of January 1995. 25 on medical devices (class 1, rule 1) , which implements COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 93/42/EEC (June 14, 1993) on MEDICAL DEVICES.

It is important that anyone purchasing Redcord products familiarize themselves with the contents of this website, understand all warnings, misuse information and other information provided below and in the equipment descriptions.

Here you can download and view safety information about Redcord ropes and safety information about Redcord for slings and straps .

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redcord - Your new training partner

redcord is a revolutionary training solution that combines simplicity with efficiency to give you the opportunity to train anywhere, anytime.

Try Redcord in your daily workouts and enjoy how it transforms your training experience.

Fitness trainer Kristaps Vilde recommends Redcord as an excellent alternative to conventional training solutions. He is impressed with the lightness and comfort of this equipment, which allows him to train effectively while maintaining complete control over the exercises. Redcord is also an excellent tool in rehabilitation care, which proves its versatility.

  • Versatile application

    Redcord isn't just for the gym; it can be used anywhere you go. Use redcord at home, outdoors or in a professional environment.

  • Increase the effectiveness of training with redcord

    Its design provides a full body workout while simultaneously targeting different muscle groups.

  • Proven and scientific design

    The scientifically developed system offers a unique approach to exercise, improving efficiency and reducing the risk of injury.

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Redcord Trainer // training and rehabilitation equipment

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