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ARM compression sleeve | Sports compression arm sleeve | A couple

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Color: riviera

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Durable, breathable and washable sports compression sleeve for supporting and strengthening arm muscles

  • With intense load on the hand muscles
  • For the prevention of pain and injuries caused by overuse
  • For faster muscle control and activation
  • Swelling of the hand

  1. Supports hand muscles – variable compression (18-21mmHg), which gradually decreases from the wrist to the upper arm, supports the muscles, provides them with better oxygen supply (promoting blood flow) to achieve better results and prevent pain caused by overuse.
  2. Stimulates circulation – the compression effect promotes blood circulation, allowing the hand muscles to warm up and warm up faster, thus reducing the risk of injury.
  3. Gentle compression massages hand tissues and muscles, improving blood circulation and metabolism – stimulates muscle regeneration, reduces pain and swelling. Compression reduces muscle vibrations (especially biceps and triceps).
  4. Variable strength compression stimulates the muscles, thus providing a positive sensorimotor response. Faster muscle control is achieved, movements become safe and controlled.
  5. Extra soft, soft knitted area in the elbow crease - for comfortable movements.
  6. Microfiber material for maximum comfort - thanks to the air-permeable and moisture-wicking material, the skin stays cool and dry. Durable, lightweight, comfortable, washable knit that provides maximum freedom of movement and does not cut into the skin thanks to reduced compression at the support ends.
  7. It does not change its position during movements - it fits anatomically precisely and firmly to the hand, thanks to wide edges with adhesive (connection) areas.

UPF 80 – the material of the product protects against UV radiation 8 times more effectively than a T-shirt. The effectiveness has been tested by the International UV Radiation Protection Association - the product complies with the UV 801 standard.

Why choose BAUERFEIND sports compression sleeves?

  • Active support during sports activities
  • Increases the strength of hand muscles and accelerates their regeneration
  • Protects hand muscles from overuse injuries
  • Reduces muscle vibrations
  • Improves blood supply and metabolism
  • Promotes a positive sensorimotor response
  • Faster muscle control
  • Highly flexible material and medical-grade compression pressure
  • It does not change its position during movements - it fits anatomically precisely and firmly to the hand
  • Freedom of movement and high wearing comfort
  • Easy to maintain and quality product

Measuring instruction:

Take measurement A directly under the armpit, measurement B – around the wrist. Take measurement C from the wrist to where measurement A is taken under the armpit. (see pictures)



A 24-30 cm

B 14-15 cm


A 27 – 33 cm

B 15 – 16.5 cm


A 29 – 36 cm

W 16.5 – 18 cm


A 32-40 cm

W 18-20 cm


C 39 – 44 CM


C 44.1 - 50 cm


C 50.1 - 57 cm

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Atvieglo sāpes ar

The best protection against joint overload

Variable compression improves:

blood circulation and metabolism in joint tissues

stimulates muscle recovery,

relieves pain, swelling and muscle vibrations.

Discover a new pace, increase movement control and coordination.
  • Improving blood circulation

    Improves blood circulation and metabolism in joint tissues

  • Reduction of muscle vibration

    Provide a more stable and safer feeling in movements

  • Stimulation of muscle regeneration

    Promotes muscle recovery after exercise

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SPORTS COMPRESSION SLEEVES ARM // sporta kompresijas piedurknes -

ARM compression sleeve | Sports compression arm sleeve | A couple



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